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Instructor Packet

Cooking by the Book - Book and DVD Series I

Using COOKING BY THE BOOK DVDs is a simple way to provide cooking classes for the community without the need for a professional instructor on site and without hours and hours of preparation. The recipes and concepts are plant based using fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables in nutritious and tasty recipes that for the most part can be found in supermarkets that feature a whole foods section. This COOKING BY THE BOOK DVD class Instructor’s Packet will provide the needed master copies and instructions for giving DVD cooking classes.

The Instructor Packet explains how to teach a simple cooking school in your home, church, or neighborhood using COOKING BY THE BOOK DVD’s and cookbook without an experienced nutrition professional on site and without hour and hours of preparation. The packet includes information regarding class organizing, advertising, duties of Team Members, sample class format, class schedule, food demonstration techniques, wholesale price list for cookbooks, and more.

Three easy steps include:
    (1.) Show one DVD Program
    (2.) Demonstrate 2-3 recipes from the DVD
    (3.) Taste the dishes


» Companion cookbook included with Instructor Packet

» Download the Overview with detailed information about the Instructor Packet