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  Taste Of Nature

“COOKING BY THE BOOK” by Marcella Lynch

A vegetarian, natural foods cookbook presenting
God's Eating Plan from Scripture

Cookbook - $19.95/ea + S/H
ON SALE FOR $15.00 (A 25% savings)


Every machine needs its special kind of fuel for best efficiency. My body is a marvelous machine, too, with a special Designer and instruction manual. In order to know what are the best foods for my body, I can study the owner's manual prepared by God, the Master Designer. And, that is what this cookbook is all about.

The Cooking by the Book cookbook contains 316 pages of healthy recipes, nutrition helps, and menus. Companion cooking DVDs are also available.

The cookbook is ideal for beginner vegetarians and those transitioning from a lacto-ovo diet to total plant-based eating. Recipes show replacements for eggs and dairy products. Voted best-tasting plant-based recipes by cooking school attendees.

The cookbook’s twenty chapters include recipes and eating principles for such subjects as organizing the natural food kitchen, better breakfasts, lively lunches, breadmaking, bean cuisine, grains/ pasta/rice/gluten and potato dishes, vegetables, salads, desserts, beverages, sprouting, menu planning, weight control and more. The recipes in the cookbook have been tried and tested on hundreds of adults in Marcella’s ‘Taste of Nature’ cooking classes over the past 40 years. Recipes follow these guidelines:

A Taste of Nature by Marcella Lynch