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About the Author

Home Economist, Marcella Lynch, holds a B. A. degree from San Jose State University and California teaching credentials in Home Economics Education. She has taught vegetarian natural foods cooking and nutrition for 40 years, including certified instructor’s courses in vegetarian cooking for the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Health Ministries. Marcella taught vegetarian foods and nutrition to high school students for 16 years. She is a third-generation vegetarian.

For 5 years, Marcella authored a monthly Natural Food Cooking Column in a national journal (Signs of the Times) and continues to write columns and articles for various magazines.

COOKING BY THE BOOK is her second cookbook, the first being THE JOY OF NATURAL COOKING. She has also authored an Instructor's Manual for Cooking School Instructors with lesson plans and handouts for teachers.

Marcella’s COOKING BY THE BOOK weekly cooking shows aired on Three Angels Broadcasting Television Network for 15 years.The half-hour cooking shows are available for purchase as Series I (13 half-hour lessons) and Series II (12 half-hour lessons). See Cookbook DVDs for program titles. See ordering page for ordering information.

Marcella was featured in a 4-page feature story in the March 1985 Saturday Evening Post magazine relating to her unique cooking school and cookbook. She is recognized across the country for her exceptional cooking classes featuring healthful cooking that is appealing, tasty, and simple.

As a member of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Nutrition Council (GCNC), she helps initiate vegetarian nutrition education and guidelines for church members across North America, and remains active in teaching and speaking about healthy eating principles.

Married for 40 years, Marcella is mother to two adult children, and resides with her husband, Jack, in rural southern Oregon.


Marcella Lynch
Author of Cooking by the Book